Putting our creative and strategic knowledge to work, we have earned a reputation of meaningful, winning campaigns.

Whether you're a first time candidate or a seasoned veteran, we work with clients every step of the way to provide a roadmap to victory, from announcing your candidacy to planning your victory night party, and everything in between.

New York City Council Member
Laurie Cumbo

TAG was instrumental in Majority Leader Laurie Cumbo’s successful 2013 bid for New York City Council in what was a highly-contested and competitive race. TAG used its extensive knowledge of politics in Brooklyn in order to connect Laurie with key stakeholders and labor leaders in the community. TAG’s dedication to this campaign helped send Laurie on to victory.

hakeem jeffries.jpg
United States Representative
Hakeem Jeffries

In 2012, TAG worked with Congress Member Hakeem Jeffries to build a successful campaign which eventually led him to victory in a district that had been previously represented by a 30-year incumbent. With clear fundraising goals and innovative ideas focused on bettering the lives of his constituents, TAG helped propel Jeffries to victory.

New York State Senator
Diane Savino

TAG has worked with Senator Diane Savino to deliver successful campaigns that target her constituents with important messages and information. TAG has assisted Diane Savino with fundraising and event planning in her community, Albany and Manhattan. With our help improving her political campaign, Diane Savino raised over $500,000 in one year and has become one of the nation's leading voices for cannabis legalization.