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Event Management

TAG has set the standard for production of special events and is widely recognized as a leader in the industry. Over the past 30 years, we have produced gala dinners, charity concerts, interstate caravans, parades, house parties, and press conferences.


With TAG’s hard work and attention to logistical detail, our client events are successful in increasing social consciousness, attracting media, and, most importantly, providing a positive participant experience.

The Black Institute Annual Gala

TAG assists The Black Institute in planning its major events and galas. This includes The Black Institute’s annual gala, a key fundraising event. Each year, TAG offers end-to-end support to ensure a smooth event. From designing invitations, to staffing the event, to following up with donors, TAG works with The Black Institute to maximize success and achieve its goals.

Tikun Olam Expo
TAG organized for Tikun Olam to attend an expo in Las Vegas, not long after its inception. This event was a great opportunity for our client to be exposed to stakeholders and, most importantly, potential customers. TAG played an integral part in the event planning process, including securing the location; designing, printing, and shipping the promotional merchandise; and following up with potential customers and investors.
Foundation For Ethnic Understanding
TAG has helped the Foundation For Ethnic Understanding with multiple events over the years. TAG’s work involves scouting locations, conducting outreach, booking vendors, securing honorees, designing communications materials, staffing the event, and coordinating logistics on the day of the event.
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