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To effectively influence legislative priorities and policies, your organization needs direct access to the levers of government. With our extensive national and local political experience, TAG has a valuable and powerful network of relationships that can help you succeed.


Unlike larger lobbying firms, TAG always gives you a personalized plan and the detailed attention of senior staff with over 60 years of combined experience.

Urban Justice Center

TAG's direct personal relationships with the people who matter in government helped the Urban Justice Center secure a ‘seat the table’ as they sought to expand into public-sector contracts. TAG connected with elected and appointed officials who helped bring the objectives of the Urban Justice Center to life.

Catholic Charities of NYC
With TAG’s extensive local political experience, Catholic Charities accessed valuable political networks that were leveraged to achieve their objectives. TAG helped Catholic Charities through our longstanding relationships with leadership in the City Council, Mayoral Administration, the Office of the Governor; numerous Assembly Members and Senators; the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene; and the NYS Department of Health.
Brooklyn Gin
Brooklyn Gin is a local, award-winning gin, with worldwide recognition. TAG served a pivotal role advising the Brooklyn Gin team by developing strategies to navigate city and state regulations and lobbying key government officials.
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