Having accurate, usable data is important for every endeavor. Whether it's targeting a universe of likely voters for a political campaign, identifying potential donors for a nonprofit organization, or conducting a poll to test messaging for a media buy, data can be the key to success.

TAG uses state of the art technology to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to making smart, data-backed decisions. While technology constantly evolves, TAG evolves along with it constantly adding new ways for our clients to get their message out to achieve goals.

Voter & Audience Targeting

Finding the right audience for your message is critical to moving dialogue and pushing action. TAG uses highly targeted databases and targeting tools to ensure that you have the right message for the right universe.

Donor Prospecting
No campaign or nonprofit ever finishes their fundraising. When the well runs dry, you need to find a new flow of funds to mine. TAG works with clients to build out a network of potential funders using existing relationships, untapped likely donors, and donors that match their base.
Every message needs to be tested to ensure it reaches your audience in the most effective way. Often times, campaigns and organizations are speaking with the right people, but giving them the wrong message. Using sound methodology, TAG works closely with our vendors and clients alike to cut down on costs and make polling affordable for clients of all sizes.