The cornerstone of any successful public relations or issue campaign is the capacity to effectively develop and deploy our client’s message. At TAG, our ability to integrate clients’ objectives into effective messaging, coupled with our strong media relationships, has been critical to our success.


We are partners in our client’s projects whether we are filling the roll of on-air spokesperson or training our client’s staff behind the scenes.


We understand how to use the national media to ensure your message gets the greatest resonance and traction.

Construction Worker
Metal Trades

In early 2018, TAG partnered with the Metal Trades Union as they headed to Washington DC to demand passage of the Jones Act. Our work included securing a location for the press conference, ensuring a smooth run of show, running logistics on the day of the press conference, and working with press to ensure placement of appropriate media coverage.

In 2018, TAG worked with FairVote to implement a communications strategy designed to influence the Mayoral Charter Revision Commission to adopt Rank Choice Voting (RCV) in New York City.
This campaign led to numerous op-eds and placement of articles in major publications like City & State, Gotham Gazette, The Daily News, and The New York Times. While the Commission ultimately did not include RCV in the end, it did play a major part in their final report, with a recommendation that future commissions look at implementation of this progressive reform.
CWA Local 1180
In April 2017 and 2018, TAG worked in conjunction with CWA Local 1180 and PowHer to organize the annual Equal Pay Day Rally at New York City Hall. The rally was a success as we secured the attendance of city and state elected officials, ran logistics day of the event, placed op-eds to coincide with the event, and earned press coverage in numerous citywide outlets.