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The key to any successful event, political campaign, or nonprofit organization is the ability to raise funds. TAG has been a leader in the industry for over 30 years, with impressive wins to show for it. While call time and events are still part of every client's plan, we've integrated new, innovative ways to bring money through the door. We tailor specific plans to meet your time and budget constraints.

New York State Senator 
Diane Savino

TAG has managed Savino's fundraising and event planning in her community, Albany, and Manhattan for over a decade. With TAG's help, Diane Savino raised over $500,000 in one year. 

Community Voices Heard,
The Black Institute,
New York Communities for Change
With TAG’s assistance, leading nonprofit organizations like Community Voices Heard, The Black Institute, and New York Communities for Change have exponentially grown their donor bases and expanded their potential for future prospects.  Through intense data mining and prospect building, their fundraising numbers are consistently on the rise.
New York State Assembly Member
Dan Quart
TAG worked with Dan Quart for over 10 years to build his fundraising prowess into a comprehensive program that has raised his campaigns combined over $1,000,000.
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