Strategic Communications

Messaging is Everything.

The cornerstone of any successful public relations or issue campaign is the capacity to effectively develop and deploy the client’s message. At The Advance Group, our ability to integrate the clients’ objectives into effective messaging, coupled with our strong local and national media relationships, has been critical to our success. We understand how to use the national media to ensure your message gets the greatest resonance and traction.

We work with clients whose missions we believe in, and whose beliefs we represent as if our own. We are partners in our client’s projects whether we are filling the roll of on-air spokesperson, training our client’s staff behind the scenes, or working with the local media outlets.

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We specialize in all aspects of public relations, including:

  • Crisis Communications
  • Strategic Communications
  • Media Training and Preparation
  • Raid Response

Project Highlights

NYC Is Not For Sale, CWA Local 1180

In 2009, CWA Local 1180 hired The Advance Group to develop and implement a comprehensive strategic campaign targeted at New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The campaign’s goal was to seize any opposition created by Mayor Bloomberg overturning the twice popularly supported term limits laws. Mayor Bloomberg’s disregard for term limits was made even more controversial as he spent well over one hundred million dollars in an effort to get re-elected in the midst of the worst economic recession in decades. Despite the growing public unrest, there was no sign of an organized campaign to harness the frustrations of New York’s millions of working families. In the face of unprecedented campaign spending by Mayor Bloomberg, The Advance Group and Local 1180 developed a campaign that used humor and creativity to strengthen the opposition to Mayor Bloomberg’s candidacy and connect with the middle and working class of New York City. The ultimate result was an election far closer than anyone had predicted.

Foundation for Ethnic Understanding

Prague Czechoslovakia, now the Czech Republic, has a long hist ory of random acts of anti-Semitism dating back hundreds of years. The Charles River Bridge has long symbolized this dark history in Prague’s past. So when an international group was convened to memorialize this history and close this chapter, the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding called The Advance Group. We organized an international press conference between the Mayor of Prague and religious leaders from around the world. The event culminated with a gift of a plaque from the Mayor memorializing the history of anti-Semitism and symbolizing the end of ethnic and religious prejudice.

Budget Reform Now!

Former Senate majority leader Joe Bruno and Speaker Sheldon Silver rarely agreed on anything. They did, however, agree on the need to reform New York States budget process. This effort — Budget Reform Now, was an attempt to shift the power away from the executive and empower the legislative branches. This statewide effort on television, radio and print media was one of the few bipartisan efforts of the Silver-Bruno years. The Advance Group, in partnership with O’Reilly Strategic Communications, acted as the bi-partisan creative and operational team.


During 2008’s historic presidential election, when “community organizing” became a focal point of the national debate, ACORN — the country’s largest organization of low- and moderate-income families — was at the epicenter.

A little over a month before Election Day, the McCain-Palin campaign and the RNC rolled out a longplanned series of attacks — fabricating accusations of “voter fraud” in a coordinated attempt to disenfranchise millions of voters and divert attention from their own losing campaign. That’s when ACORN called The Advance Group.

Together, we fought back. We made the media tell the real story: how “voter fraud” is a myth; how ACORN’s massive voter registration program was crucial to the democratic process; and how the campaign against ACORN was a desperate attempt at voter suppression.